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TechIDEAS® is a global software developer based in Barcelona, Spain. People are what make a company great and our company is built on pure talent, with a highly-qualified multinational team that combines many years of experience with newly trained state-of-the-art developers.

What makes TechIDEAS® unique as a software developer is that we also operate on a contract research basis, assisting other leading organizations with their own research and co-developing solutions on their behalf. This Open Innovation enables TechIDEAS® to keep ahead of the game. Client-driven innovation, blended with our sound knowledge base allows TechIDEAS® to punch above its weight in a surprising number of areas where new core technologies are being developed, often creating Blue Oceans for our clients.

Today's fast-paced business environment requires agility. If you require a software solution, TechIDEAS® can deliver top-notch custom solutions in a time-span that most large consultancies can only dream of.

Because TechIDEAS® is agile you only pay for the solution, and not for all the corporate trimmings. If you prefer, we can offer a second olive in your business class dry martini. But it won't be stirred. Businesses need to reduce their time to market and deliver efficiency. With us they can.